Interesting developments in the AI world

Interesting developments in the AI world

Sooooo. Chat GPT has seem to taken over the world. For those of you who might not know..

What is Chat Gpt?

ChatGPT[a] is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. It is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 family of large language models and has been fine-tuned (an approach to transfer learning) using both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.

ChatGPT was launched as a prototype on November 30, 2022, and quickly garnered attention for its detailed responses and articulate answers across many domains of knowledge.[3] Its uneven factual accuracy, however, has been identified as a significant drawback.[4] Following the release of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s valuation was estimated at US$29 billion in 2023.[5]

Not to get left behind, I decided to try it out for an article – here are the answers to some of my questions…


Is AI dangerous for humans?

As of now, AI is not inherently dangerous to humans. Most AI systems in use today are designed and deployed with safety in mind, and the risks associated with them are relatively low. However, there are still concerns about the responsible development, deployment, and use of AI, and the potential risks that could arise if AI is not used responsibly.

There have been instances where AI systems have caused harm, such as in cases where automated decision-making systems have exhibited bias, or in cases where autonomous vehicles have caused accidents. However, these incidents are typically the result of mistakes or shortcomings in the design and deployment of the AI system, rather than an inherent danger posed by AI.

Overall, it is important to approach the development and deployment of AI with caution, and to prioritize safety and responsible use to minimize potential risks. The long-term impact of AI on society and human well-being will depend on how we manage these risks and ensure that AI is developed and used in a way that benefits humanity as a whole.

So is AI really dangerous currently?

As of now, AI is not inherently dangerous to humans. Most AI systems in use today are designed and deployed with safety in mind, and the risks associated with them are relatively low. However, there are still concerns about the responsible development, deployment, and use of AI, and the potential risks that could arise if AI is not used responsibly.

There have been instances where AI systems have caused harm, such as in cases where automated decision-making systems have exhibited bias, or in cases where autonomous vehicles have caused accidents. However, these incidents are typically the result of mistakes or shortcomings in the design and deployment of the AI system, rather than an inherent danger posed by AI.

Overall, it is important to approach the development and deployment of AI with caution, and to prioritize safety and responsible use to minimize potential risks. The long-term impact of AI on society and human well-being will depend on how we manage these risks and ensure that AI is developed and used in a way that benefits humanity as a whole.

Is AI dangerous for human beings in this day and age?

As of today, AI is not inherently dangerous to humans. Most AI systems in use today are designed and deployed with safety in mind, and the risks associated with them are relatively low. However, there are still concerns about the responsible development, deployment, and use of AI, and the potential risks that could arise if AI is not used responsibly.

There have been instances where AI systems have caused harm, such as in cases where automated decision-making systems have exhibited bias, or in cases where autonomous vehicles have caused accidents. However, these incidents are typically the result of mistakes or shortcomings in the design and deployment of the AI system, rather than an inherent danger posed by AI.

Overall, it is important to approach the development and deployment of AI with caution, and to prioritize safety and responsible use to minimize potential risks. The long-term impact of AI on society and human well-being will depend on how we manage these risks and ensure that AI is developed and used in a way that benefits humanity as a whole.

What do we do without AI?

AI is a rapidly growing field that has already impacted many areas of our lives. However, it’s important to remember that AI is not the only technology available, and there are many other tools and approaches that can be used to address a wide range of challenges.

For example, traditional programming techniques can be used to develop software applications, while statistical and mathematical methods can be used for data analysis and modeling. In some cases, human expertise and intuition may be sufficient to solve a problem or make a decision.

Furthermore, there are many non-technological solutions that can be used to address societal challenges, such as policy changes, education and training programs, and social interventions.

While AI has the potential to revolutionize many industries and improve many aspects of our lives, it’s important to recognize that it’s not a panacea, and that there are many other tools and approaches that can be used to tackle the challenges we face. Ultimately, the best approach will depend on the specific problem at hand, and the resources and expertise available to address it.

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Planet Lockdown Part 2 — The Financial Control System

Planet Lockdown Part 2 — The Financial Control System



  • In 1998, trillions of dollars started to get sucked out of the U.S. government by the central banks. Our retirement funds have been looted and will within just a few years be nonexistent
  • Historically, U.S. intelligence agencies have primarily worked on behalf of the central bankers
  • Central bankers are now putting into place a system that will allow them to extract tax without representation
  • The central bankers, most of whom are technocrats, have created a breakaway society, a parallel society, in which they are above all law and control everything
  • To combat their control system, we must first be able to see it for what it is, and realize how it’s being used by us, to our own detriment

The “Planet Lockdown Part 2” interview above features finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts, founder of the Solari Report. (To get a taste of what you’ll find in the Solaris Report, you can download this previous 2020 issue.) You many think you previously saw this but most likely it was Part 1.

Fitts has spent decades exposing corruption and fraud, both within the banking industry and government, and corruption and fraud are driving forces in the COVID pandemic as well. She got her start on Wall Street, where she had a successful career for over a decade.

In 1989, she became the assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Bush administration. After 18 months, she resigned, but while there, she discovered how technology could make the financing of neighborhoods more productive.

“Government money was destroying neighborhoods, not helping them,” she says, but private entrepreneurs could take this new technology and finance privately. To that end, Fitts started an investment bank and broker dealer named Hamilton Securities Group.

A couple of years later, they were hired by the federal housing administration to be the lead financial adviser, which gave Fitts access to “incredibly rich databases about how the real estate, land and a lot of the mortgage financing and home building works in America’s 3,100 counties.” Fitts continues:

“Then I entered a period where I litigated with the federal government for 11 years. The Department of Justice seized all the databases and all the software tools, and I litigated with the federal government. That’s [what] forced me to really dive into how the control systems were working.


When I was in Wall Street, I saw how the financial control systems worked, but since so much is rigged through the central bank and through government, it gave me a chance to really see how government worked on the covert side, and how that related to Wall Street and Washington.”

Our Retirement Funds Have Been Looted

In 1998, trillions of dollars started to get sucked out of the U.S. government, Fitts says. In essence, it was “a coup d’etat by financial means.” She realized then the extent to which our government was siphoning — stealing — the money. “They were stealing everybody’s retirement,” Fitts says.

“Everybody’s going to retire in 20 or 30 years, but they were going to steal the money up front. So, by the time we got to where we are now, the money would be gone and they could turn to everybody and say, ‘Well, we can’t really afford your retirement.’”

On Wall Street, you have markets and monetary policy run by the central banks, and then you have the electorate, which influences fiscal policy and the government. So, it’s a dual pillar system. Markets are managed centrally. So, central banks, which control monetary policy, can simply print money, and the military then makes sure the money is taken up, which keeps everything liquid. Fitts explains:

“The economic equation is: Can you make more money from printing than you have to spend on the military and making the system go? I’ll give you an example. In the 1980s, we had a period of tremendous monetary expansion. In the last year of the decade, in ‘89, there was a huge fight in the Doolan partnership [Furey, Doolan & Abell LLP] about how much money should be paid to the traders for bonuses.

I had a wonderful partner who did a study, showing that … if instead of having traders in the seats, we’d had chimpanzees, we would’ve made more money. It was very interesting because you’d go out to the Hamptons on the weekends and you’d … hear everybody talking about making fantastic amounts of money because they were brilliant and geniuses and smart and clever.

But it wasn’t [because of their smarts]. It was just simply the monetary policy floating the boats … A lot of the money comes from economic warfare. So, [when] you pump up the dollar, you’re moving money out of the U.S. government. As we’re coming through this big change of globalization, you loan massive amounts of dollars.

And then all of a sudden you pull all the loans. You throw them into a dead-end trap. You pull the money and then they get a crash. Now your dollar is high. So, you go and buy up everything on the cheap.

The governance structure that existed before the financial coup was basically: You have the central banks running monetary policy, and then you have the sovereign government running fiscal policy. The citizens pay taxes to the sovereign government, and they elect representatives who have something say about how that fiscal money gets [divided] up.

Then you have private central bankers and private interests who control monetary policy and are relatively independent of the fiscal. What we’ve seen [is that] … the less the government has information sovereignty and financial sovereignty, the more dependent it is on the central bankers.

So, as the government have levered up with debt and lost their informational and financial sovereignty — part of this is what’s happened with digital technology — the central bankers have gotten more and more powerful.

Since fiscal [year] 1998, we’ve had what I call the financial coup d’etat. So, in the United States, up to $100 trillion have been moved out. Dr. Skidmore and I did a study, and as of 2015, the number was $21 trillion …

At that exact time, we had $20 trillion of debt. So, there was more money disappearing than there was debt. [So, they were taking that] money out. That’s the financial coup. Now that the money is out, you can collapse the government.”


Why Central Bankers Are Intentionally Collapsing Government

Importantly, Fitts stresses that government doesn’t have the power to make illegal transactions. The central banks — which are privately owned — must be involved in order for that to occur. The private banks “are doing it for them,” Fitts explains.

“So, we’ve now reached the point where the central banks are moving in and basically taking control of fiscal policy as well,” she says. “And this is why there’s such a big debate about election fraud.

Essentially the computer systems are controls for the elections, and essentially, the citizens or taxpayers have lost any say. If you look at polls over the last 10 years, the citizens want the country to go to the right, and Congress votes to go to the left. That’s because increasingly these people are controlled and dependent on what the central bankers want.

There’s a great interview that Chuck Schumer, the senator from New York did at the beginning of the Trump administration, where he basically said that if Trump thinks he’s going to contradict or defy the CIA, he’s dreaming; they have 50 ways from Sunday to get you. And traditionally, if you look at the U.S. intelligence agencies, they basically worked for the central bankers.

So, what’s happening is we’re watching a reengineering of this fiscal line. You’re basically looking at the central bankers moving to put into place a system that will allow them to extract tax without representation. That’s the trick, financially. How do you force the citizens to pay taxes with no representation?

Of course, they’re using the pandemic to roll in the system that will make it possible for them to achieve that. Naomi Wolf has done a very good job of describing this, and she said, ‘Vaccine passports are the end of human liberty in the west.’

She’s right, because ultimately, what it’s going to evolve into is a financial transaction system where, if you don’t behave, the central banks can take money right out of your account. They can stop you from transacting.”

An example Fitts gives is, say the central bankers (read totalitarian rulers of the whole world) don’t want you to be able to travel. They want you to stay put where you are. They can easily accomplish this, in this planned system, by programming your electric car such that it cannot operate past that five-mile boundary line.

They will also have full control over the function of money in this system, meaning they can decide what you are allowed to spend your money on. They could decide they don’t want you to have fresh food, so you can only use the central bank digital currency for processed food.

We’ve Been Lured to Create Our Own Prison

The central bankers are nothing if not clever when it comes to prototyping. They don’t do anything without first running many tests to see what will work best. But they don’t just hire top experts. No, instead, they persuade the top developers that they can make a ton of money by developing these prototypes. They make it fun and innovative, allowing skilled people to come up with the ideas.

Once a successful prototype has been identified, they then build their own version of that. In the case of cryptocurrencies, their version is a central bank digital currency under centralized control. Another part of the complete system is the smart grid, which was prototyped, developed and rolled out in recent years. The smart grid is, of course, a requirement for the surveillance apparatus that is at the heart of it all.

While all of these things, cryptocurrencies, the smart grid, artificial intelligence technologies and the like, are marketed as a way to make us all freer, the intended result is a global prison system where no one is free. The good news here is that they must get the general population to build their own prisons. The answer then, is that once you see how it’s done, you can just stop. Stop building the prison walls. Stop building and contributing to the surveillance grid.

This could mean quitting your job if you work for a company that is involved in developing and building technologies intended for this control grid. But even if you don’t actually perform work that helps build it, you are still participating in the control grid structure by using surveillance tools like Facebook and Google.

By allowing smart meters to be installed in your home, by buying and using AI-based technologies and “smart” technologies, by allowing GPS tracking on your phone and so on. If you don’t want to contribute to building this global prison, you have to actually take action and change how and who you do business with.

“If you look at a lot of the financial fraud over the last 20 years in the United States, the leader of that financial fraud in many cases was JP Morgan Chase. Yet statistics show that 50% of Americans bank or have credit cards or other relationships with JP Morgan Chase.

In 1998, when I first realized what was happening with the mortgage fraud and JP Morgan Chase was at the heart of it, I was writing a check on a JP Morgan Chase banking account. And I said, ‘Why am I banking [with JP Morgan]? Why am I allowing my funds to be used as deposits to engineer financial fraud? I’ve got to come clean.’

Forget about protesting. If tomorrow, everybody woke up and said, ‘You know, I’m not going to bank with the New York fed member banks,’ the change would be dramatic, because if you look at where we’re banking and who we’re working for and who we’re associating with, we’re helping them do this.

Remember this is an all-digital system. One aspect of this is currency, but the other is a one-way mirror where you have 24/7 surveillance and data. So not only can I watch you 24/7 and collect data from your body, from your mind, from your activities, but then I can stop you from moving around spatially, or I can turn off your ability to transact.”

The Control System and Transaction System Are One

As noted by Fitts, the system being built is both a control system and a transaction system. The transaction system, however, is not based on what we consider a real currency. It’s actually the end of currencies, because in this system, you can never take the currency out of the bank and put it in your pocket. You can only conduct transactions that are validated and approved through and by the central bank.

Remember, the 24/7 surveillance system “can literally get the human race to be connected to the cloud, to the AI, the software and the robots,” Fitts says. “We’re talking about connecting the human race to a cloud where they teach the AI, the software and the robots, how to do their jobs.” In short, we are actively engineering a future where we, humans, have been largely eliminated from the workplace.

Those who remain will be integrated with robotics. “In other words, whether I have a human do that job, or whether I have a robot do that job, I can manage them in the same system if I can have them all hooked up to the cloud and communicating with each other.”

Basically, what we’re looking at is transhumanism, and we’re quite literally dehumanizing ourselves. This system will also do away with markets, because what we think of as markets will be micromanaged and optimized through artificial intelligence and software.

What Do You Want?

Knowing this, the options become rather simple. As noted by Fitts, we can have a human civilization, or we can have an inhuman civilization. We can have a financial system where private monopoly controls the printing of money, or we can have a decentralized system.

I agree with Fitts, who states that the world she wants to live in is where the financial printing press has been decentralized, and where we are committed to human civilization — not a transhumanist one run by technocrats. As crazy as this transhuman technocratic future may sound to the everyday person, it’s clear the technocrats believe their system can work.

“I think they believe it can work because of the one-way mirror,” Fitts says. “[Let’s say] you have a one-way year where you have 100% access to the data, 24/7, of all the people on this side of the mirror.

Remember, once you engineer all this secret money in taxation without representation, they [the people] can’t see behind the mirror. The thing that punches a hole in the mirror is transparency about government money, and no taxation without representation.”

Creating a Breakaway Civilization

This is why the central bank takeover of the sovereign governments is so important, because this takeover allows them to create a system in which the two sides of the mirror are two entirely separate civilizations. Those behind the mirror — you and I — cannot see what the technocrats are doing on the other side, while they can see every last thing we do and say. “You’re literally talking about a parallel universe,” Fitts says.

Those behind the mirror, the technocratic rulers, do not obey any law that applies to those of us on the other side of the mirror. They are not subject to the law. They have complete immunity from prosecution.

“They can engage in systematic violation of what you and I think of as the law, with impunity,” Fitts says. “And if you look at how much money has been moved out in the financial coup, they can literally become a parallel civilization.”

They’re Trying to Sell You on Being a Serf



The vaccine passport is clearly the tool of choice for the authoritarian globalists’ plan to deprive you and your family of your freedom and personal liberties. This financial coup is 20 years in the making. They voted on the “direct reset” plan (aka The Great Reset), they wrote the plan, and have been implementing that plan, year by year, step by step.

We’re now in the end game, Fitts says, where they need to consolidate everything. Now, with their vote for The Great Reset, the central bankers made the decision to put 500 million people out of work over the next year alone.

“That’s the equivalent of dropping several nuclear bombs around the world. That’s financial warfare, and they made it intentionally,” Fitts says. “They made it knowingly. It was a plan. And what is very important to understand, when you think about this pandemic, is people are not dying from magic viruses.

People are dying from tyranny, they’re dying from a great poisoning. That’s part of that tyranny, but our problem, and the thing we need to be afraid of, is tyranny. Because the tyranny needs, and is about to get much, much worse.

It’s the passports and that system of central bank digital control that will give them the ability to do that. The world economic forum calls it The Great Reset, which is kind of the marketing … The World Economic Forum guys make it interesting and fashionable [to say] ‘In 2030, you own nothing, and you’re happy.’

Now, what I hear is ‘It’s 2030, the direct reset has stolen all your money, taken all your assets, and they’ve got your mind-controlled.’ The Great Reset is to sell people on a vision of a world where the average person has a much smaller command on resources and assets, and is subject to complete central control.

Part of what you’re dealing with is that human beings crave coherence. And so, if you can put them in a state of incoherence, they will literally do anything they can to get back to coherence. It’s a torture mechanism. If you study torture, it’s a typical torture tactic …

That’s why you see all these people saying, ‘If you just accept the passports, you’ll be free. Or if you get the vaccination, you’ll be free. They have spent a fortune since World War II on figuring out how to use digital technology, telecommunications and media to implement mind control much more economically and much more broadly. And one of the things I think they’re very enthusiastic about how well it has worked.”

Watch the Financial Transactions

When will it stop working? When enough of us can see what they’re doing. For example, it’s important to realize that, during this pandemic, people have been bought out of the labor market with federal assistance that pays them more than they were making while working.

This strategy has severely impeded small businesses from getting the labor they need to keep going, and according to Fitts, this is all part of the plan to bankrupt all small businesses.

Of course, the next step will be to require the COVID jab for anyone who wants to collect unemployment or other financial assistance, as the vaccine passport is combined and integrated with the new all-digital central bank transaction system. Step by step, everyone is being herded into the new control system. But remember, we can stop it, because we’re doing it to ourselves.

The problem is, ending tyranny almost always requires some kind of sacrifice. End tyranny is rarely a comfortable or profitable venture. That said, there are countless ways to fight back.

Prayer War Room and Other Suggestions

Fitts tells the story of a woman fighting corruption in her hometown. She was scared because taking it to the next level would require her to go public, and she was a very private person. Fitts suggested she watch the film “War Room,” a Christian movie about prayer. “Start a war room and just fight them through prayer,” Fitts told her. Apparently, it worked wonders.

“So, there are many different ways to fight, and you could fight in a way that’s comfortable. Some people organize, some people are bringing lawsuits. Some people are lobbying. Some people are moving and going to another jurisdiction. Some people are pulling their money out of JP Morgan Chase.

There are many different ways to do it. If you’re working for a big bank or big corporation, start working on building the skills and the resources and the wherewithal you need to start something yourself. Start learning. It’s called DIY — do it yourself.

Start looking at your financial picture and figuring out … how you can collapse your income statement and your balance sheet to something which is much more resilient, locally, and doing it yourself.

We don’t need to get mortgaged up and get dependent on the system. The third thing is, for God’s sakes, go out and get yourself a great bank. Particularly if you’re in the United States, there are lots of great banks and great bankers … who also don’t want the central bankers controlling everything.

I know a lot of community bank presidents who don’t want to be controlled by the New York Fed … So, the first thing you need to do is swing your money out of — if you’re invested in the New York fed member banks, or in the big corporations that are running government this way — swing your money out of those stocks and start investing in building a local food system.

Who’s your farmer, who’s your rancher? Where are you going to get high-quality fresh food? There is tremendous opportunity to build out the local, fresh food systems. If you take the time and have patience, there are very good investments to be had there.

[Next, know] who’s your sheriff. The entire enforcement within a county area is controlled by the sheriff [in the U.S.], and in most counties, the sheriff is elected. Not all but most. The feds cannot come in and do an enforcement action unless the sheriff allows it to occur.

[Why should you] care about who your state legislators are? Because the state legislators have the power to say no to the federal government, particularly if you’re not willing to escrow your taxes and get into this taxation without representation.

So, go through your financial statement and your balance sheet and get the bad guys out of your money and start supporting the local guys who are willing to support the rule of law …

I had a former client who called me and said, ‘I just sold a house, and I want to know, should I put the money into real estate or precious metals?’ And I said, what’s the point of having assets? If you don’t have an army to protect them, meaning if you don’t have litigators, state legislators and sheriffs who are willing to go protect your assets, your assets are worthless; you’ll lose them.

So, she took the money and gave it to a group of litigators who were litigating some of what’s going on right now. Anytime you can make an investment that permanently reduces your expenses, you’re better off to do it yourself. So instead of paying your water bill, build a well. In other words, get your money out of financing the guys who are doing this to you, and get your money into financing yourself, your friends or people you know.

Trust me, if tyranny controls everything, and tyranny can operate above the law, then nothing’s going to work. This is a war. And if we don’t stand up and fight it, now, there will be no way to wiggle around this. There’s no way to outplay it. There’s no place to run. There’s no place to go. So, you’ve got to stand and fight back …

We have a choice. Everybody has a choice. So, stop building the prison, stop helping these guys and start creating friction. We don’t have to go along. And we’re the ones who are building the prison. So, you have to bring transparency to what’s going on, and then you have to take action.

We’re not all going to make it out of this process alive. It’s war. That’s what happens in a war, but human liberty is worth fighting for. We’re living in a world where there are two visions, and the top 1% have a vision of us as a natural resource, [while] we have a vision of us as individuals with sovereign rights that come to us by divine authority.”

As noted by Fitts, these are two extraordinarily different visions. One option is a society where all people have the ability to exercise our potential. In the other, only a few get to exercise their potential, while the rest have no opportunity at all. We’re in the end game. It’s all or nothing at this point. There’s no middle ground.

In the end, Fitts and I both believe the plan will fail, but ONLY if we all do our part to prevent it. What’s more, we also need to prepare for what comes after their plan fails. This too could be just as challenging. Fitts notes in conclusion:

“I tell people, while the Titanic is sinking, grab some planks and deck chairs and start building your ark, because these guys are going to make a huge mess. This is a mess. And if you look at what they’re trying to do, it’s very hard, it’s very complicated. I think it’s going to fail.”



Why has the whole world lost its mind?

Why are good intelligent people blindly following ridiculous mandates that don’t make any sense and why are they seemingly okay with people like you and I being punished if we don’t comply?

What are the conditions in any society that will cause a people to willingly sacrifice their freedoms?

Mattias Desmet has studied and lectured extensively on this phenomenon. He is a professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University has and holds a masters degree in statistics. After noticing some anomalies in the statistical analyses conducted during the pandemic, he became concerned by the consensus narrative. In this video he discusses his expertise in a phenomenon called ‘mass formation’, a type of collective hypnosis essential for the rise of totalitarian regimes. He provides the step by step formula for this collective psychosis to take hold and how this relates to our current situation. He cautions against the dangers of our current societal landscape and offers solutions both individually and collectively to prevent the willing sacrifice of our freedoms.

Abstract of text from the original video below from Good Patriot.

Why the world has gone crazy in a nutshell

Mattis Desmet noticed that when the shutdowns first started there were projected death statistics said to be the reason for why extreme measures needed to be taken. After a few months when those numbers were not lining up with what was actually happening, Mattias started to question why.

Why were politicians’, doctors and scientists continuing drastic lockdowns when the numbers weren’t justifying them?
Why weren’t other effects or collateral damage of the lockdowns, like destroyed economies, suicide rates in teens and damaging social isolation being considered as well? Nothing made sense from a logical or scientific perspective. That led Mattias to the psychological event that was causing this obvious lack of open-mindedness and rational thought.

The answer was a large-scale case of the psychological process known as mass formation. Mass formation is a form of mass hypnosis that arises in a population when certain criteria are met. Unless you’re under unconscious psychological control your mind is going to be blown.

The most important situation that needs to happen for this hypnosis to occur, is social isolation which then leads to a lack of a social bond.

Let’s first think about the rise of social media which inhibits real personal connection and shows only surfacy parts of our lives. We have an entire generation that is mainly using personal technology to connect with other people.

Now if one wanted to further isolate people from one another you could have them stay at home to slow the spread, shut down churches, bars, sports and other areas where people connect and turn two weeks of isolation into months and then years.

Add mass formation of those that are actually venturing out, removing the smiles and facial recognition needed to connect with others and you’ve just accomplished large-scale social isolation. Your first goal needed for mass hypnosis.

Secondly mass formation needs the population to feel like their lives are senseless or meaningless. There needs to be a void.

One poll taken found that 50 percent of people feel like their work life is purposeless. A Gallup poll found that 63 % of people in 143 countries feel like they sleepwalk through their workday feeling no connection with what they do and that what they do doesn’t matter to anyone.

Or imagine having a large part of society be told that their work isn’t essential and then being forced to stay home and not work at all. (Hairdressers, restaurants, fitness centers etc.) Don’t think that phrases like non-essential are not well thought out. They are designed to make you feel insignificant and meaningless. The second goal of obtaining mass hypnosis.

Thirdly. Mass formation requires that there be a lot of free-floating anxiety and psychological discontent meaning that the people don’t know exactly what is making them feel anxiety or discontentment, but the feelings are there. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that one in five people around the world have some kind of anxiety disorder

If you consider the constant onslaught of mass media fear-mongering and bad news, that would make sense. A constant but ambiguous state of anxiety or fear and discontentment accomplishes your third goal for mass hypnosis and gets you closer to control.

Finally, this type of societal brainwashing requires there to be free-floating frustration and aggression. Again, meaning that the feelings of frustration and aggression are present, but the causes are very general.

A world that seems to lack any real justice and the constant reporting of heroes being made out to be villains and villains being made out to be heroes would be a perfect way to frustrate a large amount of people. Blaming one group’s problems on another group’s so-called privilege would be a great way to spur on aggression. Perhaps that’s the reason we saw months of unjustified riots being allowed to take place that were broadcasted for all to see.

The reason we feel certain things can always be found out if people sit down and really think about what they’re feeling and why. If you distract people from thinking about deeper things, tell them their problems are other people’s fault or take their minds off tough emotional issues with mind-numbing shows and social media scrolls, they won’t bother to do the mental and emotional work to find out why they feel frustrated with their lives. Global injustice and mental distraction help bring in your final need to make people ready for mass hypnosis.

Now if you go back a while and think beyond the last two years, you’ll see how society has been primed for this situation to occur. Decades ago they took God out of the workplace, government and schools. Removing the personal accountability, higher purpose, and community that people have connected with for millennia. We were also programmed to become attached to things like facebook and online shopping that removed the chance for one-on-one connections and replaced them with instant gratification as well as instant discontentment.

We no longer had time to serve others in our community because we needed to get home and binge watch our favorite shows on instant streaming channels or work longer hours to pay for all our stuff. The strong traditional family led by a strong masculine man has been broken apart, demonized and cheaply imitated by movements and identities that glorify destructive lifestyles and victim mentalities.

So what happens when all four criteria of mass formation are met? Society is ripe for hypnosis through decades of programming and there’s a group of people that want to control the entire global population with a totalitarian agenda.

Enter the storyline

In mass formation, if a narrative or storyline of fear is introduced, say a global threat or a deadly sickness or an earth-altering climate crisis and that narrative gives them a pinpointed cause of their anxiety and frustration, well, you start getting their attention. Now give them a solution to that fear that they can be a part of, giving them a newfound purpose, social bond and human connection and the susceptible part of the population will now cling to the storyline with everything they have. No matter how unscientific, illogical, absurd or dangerous that narrative becomes. This is exactly why the world has seemed to lose its mind. They are literally hypnotized with the newfound purpose of saving the world and the connection it brings with those who are under the same spell.

The narrative we’re experiencing right now has been perfectly planned to meet the important basic human needs of connection, purpose and family, the very things that they have been systematically destroying for decades.

Their plan for decades has been to create a void in the human spirit and then fill it with their narratives and their false sense of belonging to accomplish their plans. They now have a new compliant army ready to do whatever it takes to defend their new family and their crisis solutions.

It’s a form of hypnotic mental intoxication and this is what we’ve been seeing being played out before our eyes. For that army it’s all about feeling like they belong to something bigger than themselves; a tribe with a purpose, the social bond of being part of the solution causes people’s brains to be so hyper focused on keeping that bond that they will not care when their freedom, health, logic, children’s well-being, businesses or whatever else is taken away.

That is how the mass hypnosis works as we’ve seen repeated throughout history. If mass formation continues in a society and becomes stronger over time, then eventually the hypnotized and their controllers will take over and form a new type of state or political system.


In a mass formation system there is always an object of fear, and that object always has to be destroyed. In this psychological process the person under hypnosis will even go so far as to let themselves be destroyed. The individual disappears and the collective becomes the dominant entity.

Let’s consider the current shot protocol so we can save the world from this current disease. Although its safety trial is still taking place, thousands have died and been disabled from it, it hasn’t been proven to stop transmission and is now ushering global discrimination in mass non-employment for those that won’t take it. A large majority of the world is still perfectly content to line up for more and praise anything associated with it.

How about the great reset and build back better, where everyone will give up their hard-earned private property and privacy so we can all be happy. What about black lives matter, where marxist leaders convinced a large part of the population and corporate businesses to be content with victimhood, destroy their own cities and to blame white people for all their problems.

It may all sound completely absurd and dangerous to you and I, but for someone under hypnosis who wants to be a part of the grand plan and solution, it’s everything.

Can we talk briefly about some rituals?

All the mask wearing, lockdowns, social distancing, shots, tearing down of statues, posting of black squares, rainbow flags.. All have the functioning of a ritual which actually strengthens the social bond. The bigger and more ridiculous the sacrifice and ritual, the stronger the bond – because it’s showing their commitment to the purpose and movement.

What looks like a joke or like something extreme to us, looks like commitment and a pledge of allegiance to them.

One dark path the hypnosis can take in today’s situation, which we’re already seeing happening is, that so-called anti-vaxxers and climate change deniers will become the object of fear and there will be a call to eliminate or subdue us.

All the free-floating discontent, fear and anxiety will be projected onto those that don’t go along with the narrative, which will lead to the masses committing heinous acts against those that do not comply. Again we have seen this many times in history.

One thing important to mention is that hypnosis doesn’t cause people to leave their ethical boundaries, meaning that just because they’re under hypnosis it doesn’t mean they’re going to do something they normally wouldn’t do. So there is no excuse for heinous or violent behavior.

Let’s talk numbers

When mass formation arises, only 13 to 20% are actually hypnotized.
40% percent are not, but they go along with the narrative because they feel it’s too uncomfortable or too dangerous not to.
20 to 30% are in opposition to the narrative, want to do something about it and speak out.

So, is there anything we can do to change the direction of the situation?


  • One solution is if the 20 to 30% of the people that want to change the narrative and speak out, can convince most of the 40% of the compliant group to join them, then the mass formation is over. If the controllers can’t get the majority of the population to go along with the plan, then the plan doesn’t work.
    This is why they divide us in every way they can so we can’t come together, so we don’t listen to each other and so we can’t stop their plan.Speaking of plans – Have you heard the phrase «trust the plan»? It’s part of the Q narrative. Mass formation and hypnosis is not only directed at one side of the political spectrum. It’s an equal opportunity psychosis and some of us need to consider whether we’ve been sucked into a movement that has been designed to control our behavior.
  • Solution two is to continue to speak out.
    Hypnosis works through the voice. This is why our media is continuing their propaganda every single day.
    This is why they repeat the same storylines every day across different channels. Think of certain politicians repeating the same things over and over. The same can happen with dissenting voices against the narrative if we continue to speak out more and more then the hypnosis can be made much less preventing them from being willing to act out against us in extreme ways. This is why they censor and silence opposition. They know our voices are extremely powerful.

Along with that, make sure you keep meeting, living and socializing as normal.
Don’t let yourself or your network become isolated. Along with that, if things get dangerous use discernment to protect yourselves.
Also let your voices be audibly heard. Whether it be in a one-on-one conversation, in groups or on a social platform. Consider having a phone conversation with a friend instead of a text conversation or on social media consider doing audible videos in addition to or instead of written posts.
Next, have the tough conversations with those that are being compliant, even though they know what’s going on does it make sense.

Don’t participate in any of the ritual acts that strengthen their bond to the narrative.
Let your faces be seen, voices be heard and show the world that you are normal free and happy living against the narrative.

At the same time If this narrative and plan comes to full fruition, we will be fighting for our lives! So continue to prepare with wisdom. That means working on living in a parallel society and doing the things like becoming independent with food and water supply.

Most importantly: remember that the people that are under their psychological control didn’t get there because they’re weaker or stupid, but they got there because they’re broken. They were without purpose and a strong family bond.

The only question left is what are you gonna do about it?

Are you the passive 40%? Stop today and stand for truth. The powers that be don’t care about you they just want you to be their slave. Are you content with being like those that watch their fellow citizens be in prison and killed under Stalin and in Europe?
Do you think that somehow history will be different this time? Can your character be bought with the false promise of comfort?

Join us in fighting this evil.

if you’re with us that want to speak up and act out against this narrative, thank you and keep going. Guard your heart against their plans. Be the light.

Share the truth, hold the line and then push it back and shove it down their evil lying throats. And share this video.


Abstract from the original video from Good Patriot.

Monopoly – Who owns the world?

Monopoly – Who owns the world?

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That allows them to control the whole world. Because of this they are trying to impose the New World Order. Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, …

This incredibly eye opening documentary reveals something astonishing: the majority of our world is owned by the very same people. Because of this, they can control the entire world and impose their wicked agenda onto all of humanity.

This is the time to expose them and to rise up as one to defend our freedom. The name of the two companies who virtually owns the world’ are Vanguard and BlackRock. They are at the heart of the Deep State or Cabal. Their plan is the Great Reset where they want to enslave every human on earth.



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