My claim is “rebel with a cause” and it’s not meant in a negative way at all. Most people would view being rebellious as negative, although some experts will beg to differ that especially teen rebellion is a good thing.

Rebel with a cause is about a journey rediscovering who I am and where the heck I’m going and helping other women on a mission to do the same.

As a child and teenager I was extremely rebellious – as in probably not a positive way  surprised. My rebelliousness probably came from a deep inner urge to discover my own identity – but being held back by society and what I “should be doing” or what is accepted..

As an young adult I had the time and space to kind of be “lost” in what I wanted to experience. 

At age 21 I packed my backpack and left Namibia to travel and discover the world.
Armed with said backpack, CHF 500 and an open return ticket back to southern Africa.

The world was my oyster…

And all of a sudden – it’s over 30 years later..

I support women who are feeling overwhelmed, angry or frustrated to understand why and turn things around to feel happy, content and in control of their life.

Life doesn’t need to be a crisis!

It’s an opportunity for personal growth.

It’s my mission to support and guide you through your challenges to enable you to move forward with purpose and in practical ways.


Do you feel overwhelm in your life?

Are you feeling frustrated or depressed? Maybe you’re struggling with your identity?

Have a desire for more meaning in your life?

Then let me support and guide you through this “scary” but fun adventure.

I help you, sensitive, curious, bold and maybe weird woman to:

  • find balance in body, mind and spirit
  • reinvent your life
  • unleash the “rebel” inside
  • recognise your strengths


A few fun facts about me:

  • I was born and grew up in Namibia
  • I own a Harley Davidson Sportster 72 but don’t have a licence to drive and don’t intend to
  • I am very curious and inquisitive person, research is one of my passions
My training and vocational studies


2019 Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Transformation Academy
2016 OMNI Hypnotherapist (CH) incl. NGH Certification, Hansruedi Wipf (OHTC)
2012-2014 Training as dipl. IK Integrativen Kinesiologist at Institut für Kinesiologie in Zürich (IKAMED)
2011 Basic training as IK Integrative Kinesiologie at the Institut für Kinesiologie in Zürich (IKAMED


Anatomy & Physiology
Psychosomatic & Psychopathology
Psychopathology for children and teenagers/youth
Hygiene & Infection prevention
Emergency Training at the University hospital of Zürich


ChiroTrance Hypnose, Uwe Sujata 2019
Hypnowaving, Lorenz Bigler/Hansruedi Wipf 2018
Foundational Birthing, Ines Simpson 2017
Simpson Protocol Advanced, Stin-Niels Musche 2017
Simpson Protocol, Stin-Niels Musche 2017
Instant and Fast Hypnosis Seminar, by Hansruedi Wipf, 2017
Basic Seminar ‘Process Perception & Communication (NLP-Practitioner) 2015
Kinesio Tape during and after pregnancy (Bodyfeet)
Kinesio Tape Basic Course (Bodyfeet)
Emotional Acupoint Tapping (EAK) (Susanne Achermann, Ikamed)
Optimal use of the brain (Kurt Studer, Ikamed)
Birth Balancing (Lilliana Roshardt Kumordzie, Ikamed)
IK Kinesiology and Typology of the 5 Elements (Ikamed)
Gemmotherapy (Jo Marty, Ikamed)
IK Kinesiology and Schüssler Salts (Ikamed)
Touch for Health I-III (Ikamed) Brain Gym I & II (Ikamed)

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