January – A celebratory start to the New Year

So why write a monthly review in January? Visibility of course. Will anybody read this? I have no clue, and at the end of the day it’s irrelevant as I’m initially writing this for myself – kind of like an online journal.

This isn’t my first review – but my first monthly review. The last one was a Flashback 2018.
So when reviewing a previous month it can be quite overwhelming. Where does one start? Going through the calendar of events and appointments? Browsing through all the photos on the phone? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (hhhmm – not active there) or any other online or social media activity?

Setting up a structure is important, so as mentioned above, I’ll start with my calendar, photos and then Instagram.


January – the month of many birthdays, festivities and celebrating becomes a bit much

My birthday is at the beginning of the month, which as a kid was not good timing… Christmas, New Year and then a birthday. Everyone is kind of sick of celebrating by then. Not to mention all the presents received for Christmas and then what do you gift for a birthday?

Anyways…. So this year, having not celebrated my big birthday last year, I decided to have a very spontaneous apero. I did not anticipate so much reaction as it is also Christmas holiday time. So many of my favourite people came by to give a toast and join me in celebrating my new life year.


Birthday apero with fave peeps


Crappy christmas present party – or white elephant gift exchange

Every year a bunch of us girlfriends have a get together party for a “Crappy Christmas Presents”exchange. I don’t know where the initial idea came from, but it’s a good excuse for all to meet up at the beginning of the year. Ok, hold on a sec, I think I might have to google that. So apparently it comes from the white elephant gift exchange according to Wikipedia.

General rules of the game

  1. each person brings a wrapped, unmarked gift (really crappy gift) received
  2. they are all placed under the christmas tree (which in some cases has not been taken down yet) or a designated spot
  3. each guest draws a random number from a hat (or other container)
  4. Person assigned with #1 picks a gift and opens for all to see
  5. Person with #2 gets the choice of stealing gift #1 or chosing a wrapped one from the heap
  6. if #2 steals #1 gift, then #1 gets to choose and open another gift
  7. As each player takes their turn, they either select a new gift or take any already opened gift from any of the other players
  8. the gift exchange ends when the last wrapped gift is chosen and opened

In all the years we’ve been meeting up and exchanging gifts there seem to be “evergreens” e.g. that favourite jumper (jersey) that nobody wants but it keeps returning, the reading glasses that close on the nose (and go around the head), the tiny little hip flask not to mention the dubious chocolate fondue set or the scary hot sauce. (note the description….)


Crappy christmas present party


Research, online course, social media – it just never ends

So what else did the January hold in store?

Researching / Learning the ins and outs of online business. Find my tribe, create great content, set up a newsletter, update the website etc etc etc.

Blogging – With a little help from my friend and content coach, Judith “Sympatexter” Peters, and her Content-Erfolgs-Kurs, I’m on my way to getting out there.

The plan is to blog weekly, post on Instagram regularly, use Facebook to its full potential, keep people posted in LinkedIn and Xing, update Pinterest – did I forget Twitter? AAARRRGGHH.

Social media activity


OMGosh. So why the hell on all those platforms? Well, VISIBILITY. If you’re not visible you can’t sell your services to guide and support or help people. Or if you’re in another business e.g. art or cosmetics, you can’t sell your products if nobody knows you exist.

So there my old friends, new friends and family. This is what the January held in store.


Further education – ChiroTrans Hypnosis
Marketing for website – facebook ads for local clients
Update the website – a never ending project

More info about me you can read here or here.
To get in contact with me go here

Look forward to seeing you on the other side.