End of February – it’s that time of the month.

This is actually quite a good exercise and serves as a sort of journal for me. I kind of haven’t transitioned from the paper type  (as in a physical journal) to the digital type (like taking notes on the phone or using an app or platform online). Well realistically, I struggled with the paper type too…

Review of the preview – What I had in store for February

  • Marketing for website – facebook ads for local? Ooookkayy. No, didn’t get done..
  • Update work with me/homepage/about me – Never ending story and a process in and of itself
  • Positioning and branding? Another one of those things not done – or maybe?

Process Communication Model® – PCM – The art of adaptive communication

As part of an advanced training in hypnosis my colleagues and I were introduced to the Process Communication Model®. It is an innovative tool based on human behavior which enables the user to understand how and why people communicate.

According to the PCM, individual personality structure is comprised of six types of personality. Each of us has all six of the personality types defined by Kahler. Those six types, however, are present in differing orders and in differing strengths.

PCM personalities

PCM personalities

By getting to know ourselves and understanding the personality types of the people in our lives, we can dramatically change the way we communicate and motivate.

According to the insights of my colleagues I’m a Rebel:

Rebel is a very creative person who tends to find solutions in situations when others see only problems. He is spontaneous, playful and able to turn a boring task into a game. Rebel reacts to people and things with likes and dislikes. He is a source of positive energy and enthusiasm for others and is therefore gladly invited to numerous gatherings.

Not sure about the spontaneous and playful – but it does match up with my claim – “Rebel with a cause”

Social Media and my challenges with it

As an introvert and someone who does not necessarily like being on social media, it’s a tough thing being visible. There are soo many platforms that are recommended for marketing and just being out there. These platforms includes Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to mention just a few. Deciding on which platform to use is also a challenge. Where will my ideal clients find me, what kind of content do they want to see, how can I engage with them or get them to engage with me?

I started off on Instagram with quote of the day. Coming up with something relevant, inspiring or motivating can become quite a task.

Starting with an excel table I surfed the internet for positive nouns, verbs and adjectives. Next up finding quotes on the words and then individualising them with my thoughts and insights. I posted 3 times a day on Instagram for two weeks. That was exhausting. Even if you can automate (shock!) almost everything in today’s day and age, there still has to be some thought behind it all. What, how often, how relevant, more selfies etc etc etc.- and for me, the look of the grid. Most people would probably not understand that part, but Hey, maybe that’s just me.

Instagram feed

Instagram feed

Reading is one of my passions and it became an important part of the month

In January I took part in an online summit called the Self Sabotage Summit, hosted by Helen Maffini. One of the presenters was Curt Thompson. After watching his presentation I was intrigued to say the least and bought his book. In this book Dr. Thompson reveals how it is possible to rewire your mind by altering your brain patterns. It integrates knowledge from neuroscience with insights from the worlds of psychology and spirituality. I find the concept very interesting as he writes about a new way of understanding and experiencing life with God but also using the language of neuroscience and attachment.

Anatomy of the soul – Curt Thompson, M.D. – Surprising connections between neuroscience and spiritual practices that can transform your life and relationships

Anatomy of the soul

Anatomy of the soul


The subtle art of not giving a f*ck – Mark Manson – A counterintuitive approach to living a good life

Next on the agenda was a book that was given rave reviews by a couple of colleagues and friends. If you’re not into profanity – then maybe this is not for you, HOWEVER, I found it very enlightening and for me it made a lot of sense. Amongst a lot of other things  he talks about Alan Watts “the backwards law”. – The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.

The subtle art of not giving a f3ck

The subtle art of not giving a f3ck


Outlook/Forecast March 2019

Mastermind in Berlin with my favourite business ladies

Keeping up on social media – need to work on a tactic or automate it more.

And last but not least , keeping up with the blogging.

I am so grateful to have accountability buddies in my coaching and mastermind. I would be lost without their support and guidance, inspiration and motivation.

Till next time