Menopause symptoms and relief with hypnosis.


Have you ever wondered what you could do to support your body and psyche while going through menopause?


 do not want to go too much into the nitty-gritty of what menopause is or isn’t at this stage, I. There are many other websites explaining this in detail. Some are mentioned in the reference links below.

I will start this article with a quote from the famous Dr Christiane Northrup:

” The menopausal transition is actually a profound developmental stage in which unfinished business from the past comes up once again for resolution and healing so that we can free ourselves from the outmoded beliefs and behaviours of our past. All the issues that weren’t resolved during puberty and early adulthood — such as body image, relationships, vocation, fear of ageing, and self-esteem issues — now arise once more to be healed and completed. ”

I think what is important that at this stage is that women can expand beyond their own beliefs, we have been taught and embrace the opportunity to transition into this new stage; become empowered, creative and find new ways to develop ourselves and help our community.

So what’s all this hype about hypnosis? Well, maybe you will be surprised to find out that hypnosis can effectively reduce hot flashes and other symptoms that are associated with menopause.

If you interested in further educating yourself, please keep on reading!

The Baylor University has discovered some astounding results.

Hypnosis eases hot flashes, improves sleep and reduces stress in menopausal women.
Isn’t that awesome news?

Before I go further into the topic of hypnosis and why it can help you while you are going through this very important change in the life of every woman, let me explain to you, what hypnosis is and what it is not.

Most people, when they hear hypnosis think of a party trick. The second widely misconception about hypnosis is, that, while you are in hypnosis, you are in a near unconscious state.

Both assumptions mentioned above are not correct. Hypnosis is much more than just a party trick. It is accredited as a useful treatment in psychology for resolving deep-seated trauma, help people to quit smoking, lose weight, help with the symptoms of menopause and much, much more.

Hypnosis is a state of intense focus in which the client is fully aware of his environment and open to the suggestions and requests of the hypnotist. This state of consciousness is comparable to the state between awake and asleep. This deep state is extremely important for the success of the treatment because in this state the hypnotherapist is able, with your help, to reach your sub-consciousness, where, with the right questions and suggestions he is able to resolve issues right there where they are.

What does that mean for women going through menopause?

Hot flashes and night sweat are the major complaints from women going through this changing time in life. The hormones, which are causing those symptoms, are oestrogen and progesterone. When well-adjusted they keep the female body in perfect balance. Through menopause, however, this delicate balance is disturbed and leads to those bothersome menopausal symptoms. In this context, it is important to know, that most women, besides the hormonal imbalance, have a stressor, which triggers those symptoms.

To benefit the most from hypnotherapy it is important to know one’s particular stressors, which can be different from woman to woman. In general, however, it is stress and certain foods which are the culprits. More often than not, this stressor is unknown to the woman herself.

This is where hypnotherapy comes into play. As mentioned above, through deep relaxation the skilled hypnotist gets access to the client’s sub-consciousness. It is here where the therapist can identify the stressors and change them right at their origin. The therapist might work with verbal suggestions and/or with the client’s imagination. The subconscious is long known for understanding pictures best because it cannot decide what is real and what is imagination. A powerful tool, indeed, to help women feel better about themselves!

Once again I would like to point out, that a hypnotherapist cannot make changes which are contrary to the psychological makeup or will of the client. However, in more severe cases of menopausal symptoms the client might need more than one or two sessions.

Who are the women seeking hypnotherapy for their menopausal symptoms?

In general, those are women who cannot take or don’t want to take HRT and look for alternative solutions. However, the options are just a few. There are a few creams and herbs on the market, which might or might not work. Turning down the heat of hot flushes, using hypnotherapy, seems to be a reliable alternative to give affected women lasting relief. Hypnotherapy is not just effective; it also has no negative side effects.

Menopause is a time, which leads women to a new chapter of their lives. This should be a time to be looked forward to instead of, how so often, is a time that is feared by many women. Hypnotherapy will help to decrease the occurrences of hot flushes, intensity and length. Furthermore, if needed, hypnosis can be continued until possible post-menopausal are disappeared as well.

Where do you go from here? How does this help you? Where can you get assistance in Switzerland?

I support and guide women going through this important phase of their lives. Letting go of one part of your life and transitioning into a new one is not always easy. In particular, when you are bothered with hot flushes and mood swings which seem to be out of your control and can show up at any time and any situation. I would like to know you that you are not alone in this situation and I am here to help you.

If you want to learn more or do not know where to turn to, just contact me here.

Together we can do it; together we are strong. Many women have told me that their life only started after menopause and I’m there too ;).