Do you have a desire for more balance in your life?

And a healthy way to handle your feelings? 

The ART is in letting go


Here is what you will gain from participating

Learn to focus on being in “here and now”
Let go of negative beliefs
Allow perfectionism to take a back seat
Find a new creative way to release stress
Discover a healthy outlet for feelings that need to be released
Let go of our inner critic – no judgment
Come away feeling refreshed and renewed
Connect to your inner curiosity and playful side
Develop Inner guidance and intuition
Give your senses a voice

    • This is not a technical “how to paint” class. In fact, “how not to paint” would be more fitting
    • Open to all skill and experience levels of both meditation and art
    • The workshop is facilitated in a safe, non-judgmental environment that is free from comparison and critique
    • We focus on the rather than the finished product
    • It’s a journey into the unknown, an opportunity to inhabit the present moment